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Bulk Material Handling Equipments


Manufacturing Program 

  Indiana designs, manufactures and supplies various material handling equipments / systems including:

  • Belt Conveyors / Feeders
  • Screw Conveyors / Feeders
  • Bucket Elevators / Super Capacity Elevators
  • Slat Conveyors
  • Chain Conveyors
  • Apron Conveyors
  • Roller Conveyors
  • Rotary Feeders & Airlock Valves
  • Bin Activators
  • Jaw Crushers
  • Hammer Crushers
  • Impact Crushers
  • Vibrating Screens
  • Reciprocating Feeders
  • All Types of Gates
  • All Other related equipments

  • Belt Conveyors
    Belt Conveyors

    Every Indiana Conveyor is custom designed and engineered for total reliability even under the most demanding service conditions. Indiana has in the last three decades; designed, manufactured, supplied, installed and commissioned majority of belt conveyors for various applications. Such a vast experience has put Indiana in a very favorable position to make most appropriate techno-economic selection of a belt conveyor for any industry such as steel, cement, coal, fertilizers, chemicals, food grains, engineering and port trusts.

    Standard belt widths offered ranging from 400 mm up to 2000 mm as per IS 11592 1983 as well as CEMA standards. However, belts with intermediate widths are also supplied depending upon customer requirements.

    Various types of supporting structures are offered starting from a simple stringer with short supports to the more complex conveyor gantries/galleries with walkways on one side / both sides and sheet cladding. All structures are designed for high strength to weight ratio and also for minimum deflection and vibrations.

    Standard drive unit and electrical safety switches of superior quality with proven performance provided. Integral hold back in a gearbox and / or brakes is provided in inclined conveyors as applicable.

    Auxiliary equipments Standard trippers & shuttle conveyors requires utmost attention as these increase the usefulness of a conveyor system. These are designed and manufactured for discharge or distribution of materials from the belt at one or more points or over length.

    Screw Conveyors
    Indiana manufactures screw conveyors based on CEMA / IS 5563 / other relevant standards. Indiana has manufactured screw conveyors for virtually all applications, materials and capacities, including those where others have written off screw conveyors as being unsuitable. Equipped with custom-built machinery, Indiana offers delivery schedules that not other manufacturer can match and at economical rates which are realistic. All this is possible because of in-house standardization at various stages. The quality of Indiana Screw Conveyors is acknowledged as the best in the field with complete reliance on its performance. Screw flights are formed and available in various configurations and thicknesses to match the applications.
    Screw Conveyors
    Hanger bearing assemblies are available in different designs to cover all applications right from intermittent light duty to continuous heavy duty. Indiana makes horizonta / inclined as well as vertical screw conveyors. Standard screw diameters are offered ranging from 100 mm Up to 1250 mm. Even other diameters as per customer's requirement are also offered.
    Bucket Elevators
    Bucket Elevators

    Indiana engineers have, over the last three decades, accumulated experience in elevating a variety of bulk solids and in the process solved many complex problems faced by customers. Indiana bucket elevators are made to a standard high quality design based on IS / DIN Standards. Indiana's specialty are Super capacities chain type Bucket elevators for Fertilizer plants that have gained customer delight. Casings are fabricated from steel sheets & liberally stiffened to give added load carrying capacity and true alignment. Buckets are made in various shapes and sizes with edge reinforcements wherever necessary. Chains are normally used for elevators with heavier duties, high capacities and lifts. Belts are recommended for handling free flowing materials as also for corrosive materials while pin and bush type chain is normally used. Link chain & U-bolt combination is provided on heavy-duty elevators depending on the applications.


    Following types of elevators are included in Indiana's manufacturing programme to cover most of the applications:

    1. Centrifugal discharge belt / chain (Pin and Bush or Link chain) type.
    2. Continuous discharge belt / chain (Pin and Bush chain) type.
    3. Positive discharge chain type.

    Slat Conveyors

    Slat conveyors are used for packing plants mostly handling bags fertilizers, cement, and other similar materials. Generally, the slats are of wooden or metal mounted on double strand roller type pin and bush chain is supplied moving on guides.

    Slat Conveyors
    Chain Conveyors
    Chain Conveyors

    Chain conveyors are used to handle granular and medium lumpy materials such as ores, coal, carbide and similar materials. The most common design is that of a Double Strand Link or Pin & Bush type chain with scrapper plates mounted in between. Special purpose chain conveyors are also manufactured to suit individual requirements. Special fabricated / forged chain and attachments are used on bulk flow conveyors (Redler type), while link chain are used on conveyors for coal mines and other applications.

    Apron Conveyors

    They are recommended for handling materials containing large, heavy or sharp Lumps, hot materials, and for installations where material falls from a height causing an impact. Standard apron widths are from 160 mm up to 1250 mm mounted on Double strand heavy duty pin & bush chains with outboard rollers running on rails/tracks.

    Apron Conveyors
    Roller Conveyors

    Gravity and Power-driven roller conveyors are manufactured and supplied for industrial use. These are also used in packing plants. The end bearings of rollers depend on the load and duty conditions as well as customer preference include standard ball bearings in machined housing, nylon bushes, non precision (uncaged) ball races, etc. The steel section frames have sufficient strength to ensure that deflection under load does not adversely affect the distribution of the load over the rollers. In power-driven roller conveyors, individual rollers are driven with duplex roller chain and sprockets Powered through geared motor drive unit for conveying. Special ball transfer units or 90 degree bends are offered to make conveying materials in various profiles as required in packing plants.

    Rotary Feeder

    The Indiana Rotary Feeder is designed to transfer dry granular solids and powders between parts of a system at equal pressure, or with minimum air loss under differential pressure conditions.

    Since no single type can perform all duties, Indiana has developed three basic types: Drop through type, Blow through type and Offset type. These are available in Cast Iron, S.S., Alloy Steel and M.S. fabricated versions. Standard flange sizes ranging from 150 mm to 350 mm diameters in casting version and higher sizes like 400 mm to 710 mm are offered in fabricated version as per standards.


    Rotary Feeder
    Bin Activator

    Indiana's Bin Activator is designed to avoid unscheduled flow interruptions from a silo by breakdown of shear strength thus inducing a smooth flow. The standard range is available from 400 mm dia to 3000 mm diameters in either mild steel or stainless steel construction.

    Vibrator motor breaks the vertical bridge of material between the baffle cone and the dish to feed the material into the discharge cone. The vibrations can be increased or decreased to get a controlled rate of discharge.

    Jaw Crusher

    Indiana Jaw Crusher is designed for primary / secondary crushing of hard rock with minimum rubbing action. This is achieved by incorporation of an ingenious linkage system which ensures sure that the jaw plates move squarely against the rock. The standard range includes crushers 400mm x 175 mm up to 1 050 mm x 750 mm.

    Jaw Crusher
    Hammer Crusher

    Indiana Hammer Crusher / mill achieves breakage by precision from swing hammers linked to high-speed rotor that strike the material fed into the crushing chamber. It is used as a primary machine when fitted with heavy duty, double or triple head hammers, and as secondary or tertiary machine with lighter single or double head hammers. Offered in various sizes upto 1200 mm dia x 1400 mm widths.

    Roller Crusher

    Roller Indiana Roller Crusher is ideally suited for secondary or tertiary crushing with controlled sizing. It is a very versatile machine due to its capacity to produce more with lower power consumption. The maintenance of this machine is far more easy compared to other machines. These machines are produced in different varieties depending upon the requirements of the users.

    Roller Crusher
    Vibrating Screen
    Vibrating Screen

    Indiana Vibrating Screen is designed with a high ratio of capacity to screen area. All the important factors for the design of vibrating screen namely, eccentric throw, speed, inclination, and directions of rotation are considered for achieving the best results. Large roller bearings with dust and watertight seals are used. The screen body is suspended on springs to eliminate vibrations to the supporting structure. Single, double and triple deck versions are available.

    Deep Bucket Conveyors

    These are recommended for heavy-duty applications generally involving hot materials like Clinker, Carbide, and other similar materials. Deep bucket conveyors are fitted with specially designed chains working in two parallel strands, suitably interconnected and fitted with outboard rollers running on steel tracks. 

    Portable Conveyors
    Portable Conveyors

    Indiana manufactures portable conveyors of belt as well as chain slat type. Portable belt conveyors can be made either with flat idlers or troughing idlers depending upon the load. The conveyor boom is usually fabricated from steel angles / pipes in order to give a light but strong and sturdy structure. Height adjustment facility is provided with manual / electric winch or mechanical / hydraulic pull jack. The complete conveyor structure is mounted on two wheels with a swiveling castor wheel and tow bar arrangement at the back. An inclined portable conveyor, with a near -horizontal profile at the discharge end is commonly used for lorry loading and unloading applications.


    The shell is made from MS ERW black steel tube as per IS: 9295. Pressed steel housing are made from CRCA sheet with calibrated bearing seat. Automatic MG welding simultaneously welds these onto the tube. The shaft is precision machined from bright steel bar and a standard sealing system consists of a back seal, multi lip non contact double labyrinth, molded dust cover and a rain cap.

    Idlers Frame

    Idler frames are one piece fabricated steel construction with inverted angle and end supports with clearances as per IS / Relevant standards. The frame is jig welded for dimensional accuracy and interchangeability. The rigidity and accuracy of the frame ensures correct roller alignment and helps keep the belt properly trained. The inverted base angle gives a self-cleaning design-eliminating roll and belt damage due to material build-up.

    Garland Idlers

    In keeping with latest international trends, Indiana also manufactures Garland Idlers and can offer these for replacement / new installations of larger conveyor widths and higher capacities & speeds.

    Garland Idlers
    Screw Flights

    Indiana manufactures screw conveyor flights with pipes of various types and sizes as per customers requirements. Standard screw diameters are offered from 100mm up to 1250 mm. Standard flights as per relevant standards - Helical continuous, Ribbon flight, cut and folded flights, and paddle flights are offered.


    Indiana pulleys are of heavy-duty construction and suitable for continuous operation. Pulley assembly dimensions and tolerances are based on IS: 8531. Pulley shells are either made from standard heavy tubes or fabricated from steel plates and depending upon the face width, two or three diaphragms are provided. Pulley shafts are of carbon steel and fully machined to precise tolerances. Assembly of pulley and shaft is usually accomplished through a bore and keyway, however, taper lock bushings are also offered. Heavy-duty split-type plummer blocks, equipped with self-aligning double row ball / roller bearings with adequate dust sealing arrangements are used.

    Straight or crowned faces are available in all combinations of diameters and face widths. They may be furnished with rubber lagging usually grooved to resist slippage. Static balancing of pulleys ensures increased bearing life and reduced power consumption.

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