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Frp Cable Trays


Perforated Type Cable Trays

Indiana designs and manufactures FRP cable trays and accessories for industries like chemical and petrochemical industries, refineries, oil and gas industries, ports power plants and much more.  It is widely acknowledged by leading consultants, contractors and multinational companies.  

Indiana FRP cable trays have been tested by independent authorities as per various specifications and also inspected by Lloyds Register of Shipping, Engineers India Limited, Mecon Limited, John Brown Technology India Private Limited, Larsen and Turbo Ltd., Bureau Veritas, Essar Group of Companies and many others.  

Our cable trays are manufactured as per NEMA standards and Fire Retardant Grade confirms to IS 6746 for surface burning test and ASTM-D-635 for precast flammability test.  

We offer a very extensive range of perforated type cable trays manufactured In-house using the pultrusion process.

Pultrusion is a continuous, automated closed moulding process that is cost effective for high volume production of cross section parts.  

We have an extensive selection of sizes ranging from 50mm to 1000mm width with 3mm to 5mm thickness.

A range of our standard Perforated Cable Trays (no caps) are listed below:  

  Frp Cable Trays  
WIDTH 100 75 50 150 200 300 500 600
HEIGHT 30 35 35 50 50 50 75 100
THICKNESS 5 3 3 5 5 5 3 5

The perforated type, solid bottom, pre-drilled cable tray are designed for light loads namely instrumentation and control cables and for transition from cable trays to individuals control points. Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL) bearing capabilities in kg/meter are given in below table.  

WIDTH ULD in KG/Meter SPAN (mm)
50 10 1000
75 15 1000
100 20 1000


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