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Stair Treads

We manufacture a wide range of stair treads in various types and sizes. Stair treads are manufactured/fabricated using gratings with checkered plate nosing options and can be supplied with or without carrier plate.  

They can be made to suit any stair or tread opening and are furnished complete with pre-punched and slotted End Plates ready to bolt to the stringers.

Indiana offers ex-stock stair treads for landing as per following standard dimensions:

Stair Treads

What to specify while ordering Stair Treads :

  1. width and length of stair treads
  2. type of steel section & mesh size
  3. surface (serrated / plain)
  4. with/without checkered plate nosing / pyramid nosing
  5. with/without side carrier plate pyramid nosing
  6. finish (painted or galvanized)



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